​​Stedman Volunteer Fire Department

Serving Stedman Since 1972

serving stedman since 1972

   Mission Statement
Our mission statement is our commitment to provide a safe community for all citizens.  Our mission is our day-to-day work.  The strength and well-being of a community are affected by the character and effectiveness of its firefighters.  Our core values are principals upon which we base our department’s policies.  They define who we are and how we do business, and are incorporated in everything we do with pride.

FDPRIDE, the acronym for our core values, it embodies the goals we strive to achieve.

Family First, Dedication, Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, and Everyone Goes Home


Our values remind us to consider our strength of character, pride in our profession and our commitment to our community. These values, guide our daily decisions, actions, and anchor our policies, goals, and practices.


Value Statements

The following are considered core principles of the Stedman Volunteer Fire Department.

ACCOUNTABILITY - As public servants, we are accountable for our actions to citizens of the Stedman Community its visitors, and to each other.

CUSTOMER SERVICE - We aspire to deliver exceptional customer service to the citizens and visitors of our community

DEDICATION - We value dedication to the Stedman Volunteer Fire Department, and the community as we strive for excellence.

DIVERSITY - Cultural and social diversity in our community and work force provides new ideas and perspectives that are welcome.

EMPOWERMENT - Empowerment allows all personnel to contribute and participate in the vision and direction of the Department.

HONESTY - We shall demonstrate honesty in all of our endeavors as we inspire trust within our community and in each other.

INTEGRITY - Our integrity shall never be questioned or compromised. We will do what is right rather than what is convenient.

PROFESSIONALISM - A commitment to professionalism will be demonstrated through training, quality of work, and formal education.

SAFETY- Safety shall never be compromised as we strive to save and protect lives and property. Safety shall remain foremost in our minds.

TEAMWORK - We shall display teamwork as we work toward common goals, functioning much stronger as a team, then as an individual